Taraf de Akácfa – February 1st Concert



taraf de akacfa Show starts at 7pm. Cover charge of $15. Must make reservations for the Music Box Lounge.

We invite you to join us for a special evening of traditional folk music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans!

Taraf de Akácfa

From Budapest, Hungary

Taraf de Akácfa was created by traveling street musicians who met in a house on Akácfa street in Budapest, Hungary. They chose to live in Budapest because of their common passion for Eastern European folk music. Over the years, the members have traveled to the origins of the music they are passionate about. They have had the opportunity to learn from some of the finest Roma musicians, such as Taraf de Haidouks and Marcel Ramba. They mix their knowledge and different musical backgrounds to blend traditional styles with new ideas and arrangements. Their repertoire ranges from danceable Macedonian Cočeks; and complex odd-time Bulgarian melodies; to Romanian Horas; and heart-wrenching Transylvanian songs. Taraf de Akácfa started in September 2014, and released their first full-length album in October 2016. It was recorded in Budapest, Hungary in December 2015.

Lulu de la Rue (violin)

Lulu is French-American and lives in Budapest, Hungary. She started playing violin at the age of 6 and grew up in a family of musicians. She has been a member of numerous groups across the globe and has studied at length with folk musicians from Transylvania, Romania, Hungary and the Balkans, including the violinists from Taraf de Haïdouks. In 2014, Lulu and Johannes created the band Taraf de Akácfa.

Johannes Olsson (accordion)

Johannes grew up in the forest in south of Sweden, learning at first diatonic accordion from his grandfather. At the age of 19 he started playing the chromatic button accordion. He is now living as a full-time musician in Budapest, Hungary, where he’s taking part in various different projects. He has worked with many great musicians and performers, including Tcha Limberger and Lajkó Félix.

Isaac Misri (USA) – Guitar

Isaac grew up in the USA and was hitchhiking across Europe and Asia for 2 years until he arrived in Budapest, Hungary in 2015 and was immediately captivated by the local folk music. After meeting Johannes and Lulu, he stayed in Budapest learning as much folk music as he could from them. He helped form a local gypsy jazz band which had a successful tour in the USA last year. After the tour he settled in Monterey, California playing with various swing and Eastern European groups in the Bay Area.

Dénes Ábel (double bass)

Ábel is from Vác, Hungary. He plays double bass in several groups in Budapest, and just graduated from the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in Budapest with a major in Jazz Double Bass. When he was a child he played classical cello. In his teenage years, he had a Rock n roll phase and played bass guitar. Now he plays traditional Hungarian folk music with the band Sárarany, contemporary jazz with Horváth Cintia Quintet, and Eastern European and Balkan folk music with Taraf de Akácfa.

Kasa Bela

Also, there will be a very special photo exhibit by the world renowned photographer Kása Béla from Hungary. He will exhibit black and white photographs from his collection made in the 70’s:Transylvanian Musicians. For the vernissage of the exhibition, he will also play a set of Transylvanian folk music from the village Szék, along with some of the members of Taraf de Akácfa.