Beer & Cocktails

Beer & Cocktails

Pasta Moon offers a wide assortment of brews and libations. There is something to quench any thirst!

Draft Beers

Scrimshaw Pilsner – 7.50
NORTH COAST BREWING, Fort Bragg, CA 4.0abv

Grapefruit Sculpin I.P.A. – 8.00
BALLAST POINT, San Diego, CA 7.0abv

Hop Nosh I.P.A – 7.50
UINTA BREWING, Salt Lake City, UT 7.3abv

Heritage Honey Ale – 7.50
GOLDEN STATE BREWING, Santa Clara, CA 5.7abv

Coffee/Coconut Stout – 8.00

Absolution Amber Ale – 7.50


Bottled Beers

Russian Imperial Stout – 7.50
“Old Rasputin” NORTH COAST BREWING 9%abv (12oz)

Pilsner – 6.50
TRUMER BRAUEREI 4.8%abv (12oz)

Pale Ale – 6.50
“Pale 31”, FIRESTONE 4.9%ABV (12oz)

Avant Garde Ale – 15.50
Avant Garde Ale THE LOST ABBEY 7.0%abv (25.4oz)

I.P.A. – 6.25
“Islander”, CORONADO 7%abv (12oz)

Lager – 6.25
“Longfish”, BALLAST POINT 4.5%abv

Belgian Style Wheat – 6.25
ALLAGASH 5.0%abv (12oz)

Red Ale – 7.50
La Rossa, MORETTI 5.5% abv (11.2oz)

Non Alcoholic Lager – 5.50
KALIBER (12oz)

Specialty Cocktails

Vesper Lynd – 12
St. George Terroir Gin, Tito’s Vodka, Cocchi Americano

Whiskey Snakebite – 12
James Pepper Rye, Cynar, Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur

Hotel Nacional -11
Scarlet Ibis, Lime, Pineapple Gum, Apricot Liqueur

Smoky Chartreuse Whiskey – 12
Willet Rye Whiskey, Bonal Gentiane-Quina Aperitif, Leopold Bros Maraschino Liquer, Tobacco Bitters, Chocolate Walnut Bitters, orange zest

Atticus Finch – 12
Four Roses Bourbon, Campari, Benedictine, Plum Bitters

Top Shelf Negroni – 13
St. George Terroir Gin, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, Cappelletti Apertivo, Leopold’s Apertivo

Strawberry Fields Forever – 12
Strawberry Brandy, Grand Quinquina Aperitif, William’s Pear Liqueur, Brandied Cherries

Oaxaca Dream – 12
Mezcal Vida, William’s Pear Liqueur, Lime, Sage

La Vita Bella – 11
Hornitos Reposado Tequila, Pineapple, Allspice, Lime


Hard Ciders

Natural Hard Apple Cider – 15
Crispin Hard Cider – 6.9%abv (22oz)